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What makes a great Headshot?

Great lighting and genuine expressions. I will never ask you to smile during the session, I will make you burst out laughing and I will wait for the perfect moment when your face is relaxed, welcoming and confident to take the perfect headshot.

Take Mylene for example: she is a Make Up Artist Trainer for an International Cosmetic Company. For Mylene, it was important that her headshot portraits her in a confident and approachable manner. It also had to include pink, lots of pink.

What does the experience look like?


Step 1: Consultation

We will have a 15 min phone call to find out your needs and determined how you need to be photographed.


Step 2: Booking

Booking can be done via email or phone. After confirmation,you can expect to receive an email with my Headshot Styling Guide which will provide you with all the information you need to prepare for your session.

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Step 3: The Shoot

I’ve spent years learning from the best professionals in the industry on how to coach you during your session to bring out the best body language and expressions, you don’t need to worry about posing or feeling awkward in front of the camera, I got your back!.


Step 4: Image Selection

During the session I will be tethering every image to a monitor which will allow us to select the best images as we go along. At the end of the session, we will review and select the final images to be retouched


Step 5: Retouch

Selected images will be retouched, optimized for social media of choice.


Step 6: Delivery

Retouched images will be delivered electronically through a Dropbox Folder.



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